U P     N E X T 

Time’s Up (lead artists: Kym Moore, Todd Winkler)

Love, friendship, and transformation across the fourth dimension. An exploration of love, history, reincarnation and the ties that bind. Combining visual media, sound, movement and text to demonstrate the ways in which history, physics and metaphysics inform the complex dimensions of “relationship” is the primary goal of this new performance work.  String Theory, Viewpoints performance theory, and historical accounts taken from the 14th Century Witch Burnings in Europe, The Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. and Contemporary urban culture will serve as the backdrop for the main characters who are engaged in a karmic journey towards wholeness that may impact the world at large should they succeed in their process of recovering what had never really been lost.


P A S T      P R O J E C T S 

Nellie/Nellie (lead artists: Michael Williams, Michael Costagliola, Ned Riseley and an ensemble of actor-creators) 2014 premiere, Philadelphia’s FringeArts Festival

Inside Broad Street Ministry’s cavernous sanctuary, ‘Nellie/Nellie’ is a theatrical work with live music and delusional dance. Playing with mysterious and dynamic ways of seeing with a mental illness, this is a tale that begins with journalist Nellie Bly, who in 1887 went undercover in a women’s mental institution. Collaborating artists: Johanna Kasimow, Andalyn Young, Alex Kryger, Francesca Montanile, Ilse Torlin Zoerb, Alicia Crosby, Sara Vanasse, and Noah Levine)

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Yermedea RAW (lead artists: Kym Moore, Alejandro Prieto, Erik Ehn, Michael Williams, and an ensemble of actor-creators) 2012 tour to Providence (95 Empire), Boston (Sleeping Weazel), and New York City (La MaMa E.T.C.)

Yermedea RAW was part of Erik Ehn’s Soulographie: Our Genocides, a commemorative performance cycle staged at La MaMa E.T.C. in the falloff 2012. It was the first play in the cycle’s Central American series. The composite character alluded to in the title is loosely based on Federico Garcia Lorca’s Yerma and Euripides’ Medea. The play braids the experiences of Medea and Yerma into a single narrative that gives voice to the voiceless. These women contemplate the unthinkable moral question of infanticide as an alternative to seeing their children brutally murdered, raped, or otherwise destroyed by the ravages of war. Yermedea RAW is a hybrid puppet/theatre performance that incorporates the materials of theater – sound, lights, space, time, movement, gesture, and image – to convey that which cannot be expressed otherwise. Director Kym Moore & acclaimed Spanish puppet theatre artist Alejandra Prieto join forces to bring Erik Ehn’s Yermedea to life with an ensemble of actor-creators. Yermedea RAW was called “energizing and frightening” by The New York Times.

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