Dear Diary LOL


a theatrical diary of teenage proportions

in development, September 2017 premiere

2017 FringeArts Festival, Philadelphia, PA


“Dear Diary LOL” takes as its charge staging the unaltered words of the diaries of three 12-15 year old girls from the early 2000s, all of whom are also members of the devising ensemble.

The play explodes these diaries with moments of direct address, music, and physical comedy, colliding the style of melodrama with the inherent humor found in the earnestness of young girlhood (as an audience, with all the benefit of hindsight).

These tumultuous coming-of-age years are explored from a female perspective, providing an intimate portrait of the ways these young girls come to understand the world around them, the way they form a self, and how to use their voices as they experiment with their malleable identities and budding adulthood.

Originally conceived under the title of This Song is for You as part of 2015 Pig Iron School’s Dares Festival. Lead Artist: Education Director, Francesca Montanile Lyons.